in building and museums

In Buildings

Courtesy Barbican Centre/Photographer: Peter Bloomfield

Barbican Centre, London

(Robin Day auditorium seating in theatre, concert hall and cinemas)

Cmglee (Wikipedia)

Churchill College, University of Cambridge

(Robin Day dining chairs in chapel, Lucienne Day Baldric textile reissue in public rooms)

Bs0u10e01 (Wikipedia)

Clifton Cathedral, Bristol

(Robin Day Polypropylene Chairs in nave)

© Robin and Lucienne Day Foundation

John Lewis, Kingston-upon-Thames

(Lucienne Day silk mosaics: Aspects of the Sun, 1990, and Islands, 1991)

© Robin and Lucienne Day Foundation

London Underground Stations

(Robin Day Toro and Woodro benches on station platforms)

© twentytwentyone

Royal Festival Hall, London

(Robin Day auditorium seating in concert hall)

In Museums

Diliff (Wikipedia)

Archive of Art and Design, V&A, London

(Robin and Lucienne Day Archives; Heal’s Archive; Festival of Britain Archive)

Kim Scarborough (Wikipedia)

Art Institute of Chicago, USA

(Lucienne Day textiles and silk mosaic: Tangram 5)

Alden Chadwick (Wikipedia)

Shoughto (Wikipedia)

Cranbook Art Museum, Michigan, USA

(Lucienne Day textiles)

Hassocks5489 (Wikipedia)

Design Archives, University of Brighton

(Design Council Archives)

David Hawgood (Wikipedia)

Design Museum, London

(Robin Day furniture)

Deutsches Design Museum, Germany

(German Design Council records containing photographs of Lucienne Day textlles)

The Furniture Makers Company

Crown Copyright UK Government Art Collection

Government Art Collection, UK

(Lucienne Day silk mosaic: The Window)

© Robin and Lucienne Day Foundation

John Lewis Partnership Textile Archive, Cookham, Berkshire

(Lucienne Day textiles and textiles artwork)

David Dixon (Wikipedia)

Manchester City Art Gallery

(Lucienne Day ceramics)

McGhiever (Wikipedia)

Minneapolis Institute of Arts, USA

(Lucienne Day textiles)

Thomas Ledl (Wikipedia)

Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, Canada

(Lucienne Day textiles)

© Robin and Lucienne Day Foundation

Museum of Carpet, Kidderminster

(Lucienne Day carpets artwork)

Hibino (Wikipedia)

Museum of Modern Art, New York, USA

(Robin Day International Low-Cost Furniture Competition archives, Robin Day furniture, Lucienne Day textiles)

Chang Yisheng (Wikipedia)

Museum of the Home, London

(Robin Day furniture and Lucienne Day textiles)

National Archives

The National Archives, London

(Festival of Britain Office records relating to Robin Day, Registered Designs)

Meihe Chen (Wikipedia)

Philadelphia Museum of Art, USA

(Robin Day furniture)

Rob Deutscher (Wikipedia)

RMIT Design Archives, Melbourne, Australia

(Trade catalogues featuring Robin Day designs)

Erik031 (Wikipedia)

Röhsska Museum, Gothenberg, Sweden

(Lucienne Day silk mosaic: Standing)

Rosenthal Museum, Selb, Germany

(Lucienne Day ceramics)

The Royal Air Force Museum

Royal Air Force Museum, Hendon

(Robin Day posters)

Chmee2 (Wikipedia)

Royal College of Art, London

(Lucienne Day silk mosaic: Three Daughters of Mexico)

© Robin and Lucienne Day Foundation

Royal Designers for Industry Archive, Royal Society of Arts, London

(RDI Archives, Lucienne Day silk mosaic: The Castle and Other Stories)

Southbank Centre Archive, London

(Robin Day furniture)

Alistair Wettin (Wikipedia)

Victoria and Albert Museum, London

(Robin Day furniture, television, radio, carpets, posters; Lucienne Day textiles, tea towels, carpets, wallpapers and silk mosaics: Decoy and Pond series, Flying in Blue)

VADS (Visual Arts Data Service), online image database

(Design Council Slide Library and Design Council Photographic Index)

Antiquary (Wikipedia)

© Robin and Lucienne Day Foundation

Whitworth Art Gallery, University of Manchester

(Lucienne Day textiles, tea towels, carpets, silk mosaics, wallpapers and printing screen)

© Robin and Lucienne Day Foundation